Power 21

Power 21 is an Energy Sales Organisation.
We specialise in inbound and outbound telesales, customer service and tele verifications. Power21 aims to give our clients a complete service from customer acquisition through to customer care.

Power21 started in Glasgow and has grown to 3 locations and due to COVID, we now have a large home-based telesales team.

We take great pride in the development of our Home-based telesales team. During the initial COVID lockdown in March 2020, our entire team managed to successfully build, operate and manage a large home-based telesales team. Our home-based telesales team is now a permanent and very important part of Power21. The home-based telesales team has been growing month on month, giving people across the UK a real chance of home-based employment.

At Power21, our main goal is to revolutionise our industry. We pride ourselves on the fact that Power21 is organically grown, developing our managers from within our existing teams and operating with a set of strong core values.

By giving employees real career opportunities this empowers all team members to deliver their best with passion. This opportunity based career creates an exceptional environment for all team members where learning, self development, progression and results are all their highest priorities.

Our values are simple and powerful. We put our 4 Pillars first. We teach each team member from their very first day, that at Power21, must put our Clients, Customers, Environment and Team first.

Our approach to career progression, ongoing learning & development within a value based culture creates an ideal platform for each and every member at Power21 to deliver the very best service to our clients and customers.