Credit Where Credit’s Due

I founded The Interactive Team in 2012 with a credit card, two members of staff and a vision. Six years on, that vision is becoming a reality.

The Interactive Team is a becoming the organisation I always wanted it to become. A team of nearly 400 talented individuals spread across multiple offices. These individuals aren’t just ordinary people. My passion for recruiting only the right people has ensured continued growth and longevity when some of my competitors have fallen by the wayside.

But I couldn’t have done it without my team.

Some people will tell me they don’t need recognition, they have the driveto succeed without it. In all honesty that just made me want to reward them even more. I made the decision to hold an annual awards ceremony for the company, something they could look forward to, something that inspired them even more. A day of complete recognition to show everyone that their hard work does not and will not ever go unrecognised.

Recognition is an on-going part of The Interactive Team’s company culture. We have weekends away, monetary bonuses, holidays, team nights, networking events etc. It all sounds very fancy, but it’s only fancy because it has been earned – time and time again.

Always Reward Your Team For Their Hard Work.