How We Motivated and Inspired During Lockdown

How We Motivated and Inspired During Lockdown

As we went into lockdown with 650 team members in the greater team, I was well aware that anything we did, regardless of positivity, would have a knock on effect not only to those individuals but their family and friends. That meant there was a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. We were able to pivot the business and successfully set up a home-based telesales solution for everybody in various teams. It was, and is, a huge success. We set up inbound and outbound telesales, customer service and verifications. We kept money rolling in for everyone, even the sales team who were able to continue making commissions. We had the mindset of keeping busy, being active, and staying employed. Not only were we adding value to ourselves and the team, but we also added so much value to our clients as they still needed customers. Not only did we keep our workforce earning we were also able to keep delivering for our clients which has had the added benefit of maintaining and strengthening our relationship with them.

The time we would usually be in our offices together we spent focussing on self-learning and development. The successful Zoom culture we’d set up during the lockdown allowed us to explore new teaching methods and reach new shores where we hadn’t before. We utilised Zoom wherever possible and invited a slew of experts to provide masterclasses to the team including business consultants, educational guest speakers, successful entrepreneurs, a Royal Marine, a successful telesales entrepreneur from California, and a Scottish mental health expert who was everyone’s favourite and a repeat customer. The benefits of these masterclasses weren’t limited to only the team, but friends and family were encouraged to join. It was a regular occurrence having hundreds of people on one of our calls, especially when it was the mental health masterclasses. All of this meant when everyone’s world was closing in on them, we flipped it on its head and helped to open it back up again.

When we weren’t listening to stories from a Royal Marine or a Californian telesales business leader we worked on our leadership and management skills. We had a 14-month period where we focussed and educated ourselves in different areas such as mental health, sales, management, leadership and resilience. We not only developed ourselves, but we also took time to develop the business infrastructure. Instead of scaling back which was prevalent across the business world, we really tried to capitalise on the abundant tools of recruitment. We invested in so many great people who had lost their jobs because of the pandemic, who are still with us, as in the end this kind of investment breeds loyalty. All areas of the business grew as we hired back-end staff to help expand the IT, finance and overall operations infrastructure. We were able to thrive with our staff and our team as well as improve ourselves as individuals.

There’s a phrase that permeates the walls of our offices and it’s become a mantra that has never seemed so relevant as it has this past year and a half; “Short term gain equals long term pain. Short term pain equals long term gain.”

The relationship and the bond between all of the team members during all three lockdowns has only gotten stronger. There’s such amazing energy whenever anybody gets together. Together we were able to pivot the business and be robust with the result, knowing that we’ve come out of lockdown stronger and more resilient.

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  • Grit: The power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth
  • Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins