Creating Something Special

I started the Interactive Team with a vision to revolutionise an industry. Direct Sales was becoming a place I didn’t like; pushy tactics, targeting vulnerable customers and getting a sale at all costs. This is still a problem, but it’s one I won’t ever tolerate under The Interactive Team name. My aim to this day is to create something special, something my whole team can be proud of and some ways, something this industry has perhaps never even seen before.

Thankfully, it’s working. The Interactive Team has expanded to six offices across the UK, helping thousands of customers save money in the process and creating opportunities for people for hundreds more.

As the business has grown over the past 5 years, it’s clear to see we are changing people’s lives, and the proof is there, you can see it happening right in front of you. This is why I’m so excited every single day. I can’t quite believe the changes I’ve seen since day one, it’s very humbling at times. The Interactive Team gives every day people with the desire to succeed an opportunity to build strong, stable, long-lasting, high-yielding, exciting careers. It doesn’t always work out of course, sales isn’t for everyone and that’s understandable but those who have stuck at it have built significantly better lives for themselves than when they worked in call centres, salons, supermarkets and so on – all of which are still very respectable jobs I must add.

The business is very fast-paced, but if the business is moving quickly then so are people’s careers and lives. So in terms of career progression, this is one industry where it will happen. I’ve made it my mission to ensure there are no office politics within The Interactive Team, if you work hard and deliver results you will get promoted and you will make more money – I don’t care who you are. If you work hard then in effect you are earning success and no CEO, MD or line manager should ever stand in the way of that.

If you’d like to explore opportunities to work with us please feel free to contact us any time.