‘Running Britain’ by Sean Conway

I’m not overly big on reviews and I won’t go into too much detail but this was one book I couldn’t not mention. Few people typify why I run more than Sean Conway. For anyone not familiar with Sean, he is the first man to run, cycle and swim the length of Great Britain – he’s also the man who sold a thriving business for £1 to prove that his happiness did not depend on financial outcomes (very inspiring).

Having learned all about Sean over the past few months, he could easily be described as the real life Forest Gump. He appears to live his life in a way that many of us wish we could – and for that I applaude him.

‘Running Britain’ is the book version of the critically acclaimed Discovery TV series of the same. Purposely, I’ve chosen to read the book first – always makes watching way more fun.

The book details Sean’s journey from John ‘O’ Groats to Lands End, running every step of the way and completely unsupported. What strikes me time and time again about Sean’s journey is the determination, the sheer will-power and the drive to carry on. No this isn’t a trek to the North Pole but it is still a journey of physical and mental struggles and pain, lots of pain. Thankfully, there is great success come the end (as we knew there would be).

You don’t have to love running to love this book, you just have to be human. That grit and determination to keep putting one foot after the other is something which can be applied to the every day lives of every single one of us.

Anyway, I’m off to watch the series. You will NOT regret this read, see for yourselves.