Where do I begin?

My name is Gilles Baudet and I’m an entrepreneur from Australia, living and working in Glasgow, Scotland.

I have many passions in life; family, business, fitness and as it recently turns out… writing as well.

I’m the Founder and CEO of The Interactive Team. I set the business up back in 2012 with just a credit card and a vision to revolutionise an industry. As it happens, things have went pretty well. Six offices across the UK with just under two hundred hugely talented individuals, all doing The Interactive Team proud every single day.

My goal is to continuously change people’s lives and I feel very humbled and privileged that I’ve been able to do that and long may it continue. Financial gains are great of course, but there is no greater reward than giving someone the opportunity to transform their career and in turn, their life.

Beyond the business world I’m a huge fitness enthusiast and have run marathons all over Europe. Running a successful business and raising a young family, you have to be fit – no exceptions.

Thank you for stopping by and if anyone wishes to contact me about any of the subjects discussed on gillesbaudet.co.uk please feel free to do so.